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You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Fanfic

A new Inside a Dog post is up, in which I make a confession about the fanfiction I’ve written in the past. It’s all true. I regret nothing.

I definitely think fanfic can help a young writer develop their skills. The impulse is to then offer a warning about not getting too stuck or over-focused on it, like parents telling a child not to watch too much television. But I think only a writer can judge for themselves when they’re ready to try new things. In other words, don’t let other people get you down over what you like to do with your time (so long as it’s safe and legal, he adds a hasty disclaimer).

In theory, I’m all for Vanguard Prime fanfiction if/when it happens. I don’t know if I’d actually read it, though. I wouldn’t want to come across someone’s story that had a similar idea as one I had planned, because then I’d feel like I couldn’t use it myself. But if you read a book of mine and feel the urge to tell a story of your own using the same characters, don’t let me stop you.

Unless you try to make money off it. Then my publisher will be forced to destroy you.

And on that cheery note…