Steven Lochran spent his childhood writing stories and now he does it for a living. He graduated from Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing, and has worked as a film critic, projectionist and DJ. He’s spent the last decade in the publishing industry, during which time he’s written the PALADERO and VANGUARD PRIME series of books. He lives in Melbourne with his wife and two spoilt cats.

Interested in having Steven speak or conduct a workshop at your school / event? Drop us a line. And if you haven’t found the info you’re looking for here, there’s always the FAQ page.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Can’t wait to see/read the book! Don’t ask me how I found your site… ok I’ll tell you anyway… (from a website that had your twitter post, and that was found through a friend of a friend on twitter…)


    Congrats on the fiancé news! And awesome news on Vanguard Prime! (Maybe Optimus Prime’s German Volkswagen Kombi Brother?)

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