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A Launch, Some Links, and a Little Movie Talk

On Wednesday night, in the Sun Theatre in Yarraville, we had the official launch for Vanguard Prime: Goldrush. It was a great night, which you can read about here, as well as see photos like this one, where I swear I’m less stunned than I seem to be;

And that’s only the first of more events to come. Make sure to keep an eye on the Events page if you want to have me scribble in your book. Also, while I’m on the subject, thanks again to everyone who came out to show their support! I can’t express enough how much it meant.


The reviews for Vanguard Prime: Goldrush just keep on comin’! Check out what Emily Gale has to say on the Readings website, and if you’re curious about the VP team and want to learn a little more about them, take a look at this post on the Penguin Teachers’ Corner blog. The PDF they link to contains a bio for every member of the team, with exclusive information that wasn’t covered in the book! You know this is exciting because I’m using exclamation marks!


The more I think about The Dark Knight Rises, the more I realised I enjoyed The Amazing Spider-Man more. I still fully intend on seeing TDKR a second time, however, as the first viewing wasn’t done on an IMAX screen and I need to know what that experience is like. I did, however, see Amazing Spider-Man in 3D, which wasn’t as thrilling or immersive as I expected it to be. My fiance, however, thought the 3D was great, which was surprising given that she usually hates 3D.

Of course, there was three big superhero movies this year, with Avengers being the big winner. My experience of watching The Avengers was a curious one. As a fanboy, I loved it. As a writer, it frustrated the hell out of me; not because the script bothered me, but because there were quite a few overlaps with my book, which was in the editing stage at that time.

The end credits hadn’t even started rolling before I was thinking of all the rewrites I’d have to do to differentiate it from this multi-billion-dollar-earning movie. The good thing is that it all worked out for the best. Vanguard Prime: Goldrush ended up being a stronger book due to the rewriting I had to do, even if I had a small heart attack at the prospect.

We’re about to start editing Book 2. I’m keeping a close watch on the multiplexes.

The Dark Knight, Reviews, and Interviews

I finally got the chance to see The Dark Knight Rises on the weekend, and as much as I enjoyed the movie it’s impossible to watch it now without thinking of Aurora, the terrible events that took place there, and the victims who are either no longer with us or will never be the same.

One of those victims is Caleb Medley. Caleb, left in critical condition after the shooting, is facing a $2 million dollar hospital bill as he’s one of the estimated 50 million Americans without health insurance. His friends and family have set up a website where you can read more about Caleb and make a donation towards his medical costs, or simply send him some words of support.


On a lighter note, Vanguard Prime: Goldrush is in bookshops now and has already received its first review, and 4 out of 5 at that!

I had a brief “career” as a movie reviewer years ago and always found it perplexing when filmmakers would react with hostility towards negative reviews. I have a slightly better understanding of it now. Not that I plan on ever reacting with hostility, but now I know how exposed you feel in sending a piece of yourself out into the world and having it indifferently dissected. Hopefully it’ll get easier with time…or maybe I’ll just stop Googling myself.

One thing that makes it easier is the beautifully-crafted armour that Penguin’s dressed the book in. Illustrator Chad McCown has posted the full, wraparound cover image, sans text. I think you’ll agree, it’s impressive to say the least. As much as I love how all the characters are depicted, I especially love the Knight of Wands and Gaia on the left, and the moody silhouette of Major Blackthorne in the middle.

And while I’m updating you on all things Vanguard Prime, I feel I should point you in the direction of the very first interview I’ve done for the book, with Megan Burke of Literary Life. There are more interviews to come, and I’ll make sure to link to them as they go up.

One piece of media that took me completely by surprise was the listing of the Vanguard Prime book launch at the Sun Theatre in Jason Steger’s column. Surely this is only in the online version, I thought to myself. Not so! I picked up this weekend’s edition of The Age and sure enough, there it was! I’m still recovering from that one.

 ‘Til next time…