I Wanna Be Your Dog (Apologies to Iggy Pop)

Last week, I posted about the fact that I would possibly be guest blogging on another website. Well, that possibility has become a reality. For the month of November, I’m going to be Inside a Dog‘s resident author, blogging three times a week. Needles to say, I’m very excited about the opportunity. And if you’veContinue reading “I Wanna Be Your Dog (Apologies to Iggy Pop)”

Where I’ll Be & What I (Haven’t) Been Doing

With the release of the book getting closer and closer (July 25th! Have I mentioned that lately?) events are starting to lock into place. Kicking things off will be the launch at the Sun Theatre and Bookshop on 1st August, which everyone is more than welcome to attend…just make sure you RSVP! From there, there’llContinue reading “Where I’ll Be & What I (Haven’t) Been Doing”