With Sympathies to George RR Martin

It’s been a few months now since the publication of Paladero: The Riders of Thunder Realm and I thought an update was well overdue.

First of all, I want to thank everyone who’s taken the time to read the book, as well as those who’ve reviewed it on Goodreads and various other sites. The reception it’s had has been overwhelming, and I really appreciate it.

Now, for those who’ve been wondering about Book 2 – good news! Paladero: The City of Night Neverending will be published in February 2017. We’re still finalising the cover and synopsis, though I can tell you that Jeremy Love has returned to provide the artwork. I couldn’t have hoped for a better illustrator for The Riders of Thunder Realm, and I’m thrilled that he’s back.

In addition to finishing up the copyedit for The City of Night Neverending, I’m also in the midst of writing Book 3 in the series. It fries the brain a bit to be editing one book and writing another, especially when it’s a Fantasy series and you have to either research or invent every object, location, term and turn of phrase. I’ve never felt so much sympathy for George RR Martin in my life.

That said, while progress is slow it’s still steady. So I don’t think we’ll be encountering any Winds of Winter situations anytime soon. Hopefully.

In the meantime, there’s still a couple of days left in the Goodreads Riders of Thunder Realm giveaway. If you haven’t read the book yet, and would like a free one (and really, why wouldn’t you?), make sure to enter before time runs out.

I’ll also be appearing at Dymocks Camberwell as part of Star Wars Reads Day, where I’ll be reading the first chapter from Adventures in Wild Space: The Escape. I’m a lifelong Star Wars fan – which I think is pretty obvious if you read the Paladero series – and I’m delighted to be participating in what should be a very fun day. I’ll be there from 1pm, so please make sure to come along and say hi.

And that’s it. I’ll be back to drop the Book 2 cover/synopsis on you before too long, I promise. So long as writer’s block and mental burnout doesn’t get me first.

‘Til next time.

Published by Steven Lochran

Steven Lochran is the author of the upcoming Middle Grade Fantasy series PALADERO, as well as the teen superhero series VANGUARD PRIME. He lives in Melbourne with his wife, two cats, and an unreasonably large toy collection.

2 thoughts on “With Sympathies to George RR Martin

  1. Steven Lochran … well done on Paladero “The Riders of Thunder Realm”. My 10 year old couldn’t put it down and eager to give me running commentary of events as they unfolded. This book went where he went. He checks the book shelves regularly at the book store for the next book. He will be excited to know the wait for book 2 won’t be too much longer. Your writing has struck a chord, awesome I say. 😉

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