Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down

It feels like these days I’m simply posting updates on what I’ve been writing about on Inside a Dog. Probably because that’s all I’ve been doing. My residency there will be wrapping up this week, with the very next post to be of great interest to Vanguard Prime readers…especially those who want to learn more about Wild Card (aka Vanguard Prime Book 2, for those people out there googling those terms!).

In the meantime, you can read my argument on how Boredom = Excitement, get some tips on writing dialogue, learn what a Tomato Surprise is and find out what music to listen to when looking for inspiration.

‘Til next time.

Published by Steven Lochran

Steven Lochran is the author of the upcoming Middle Grade Fantasy series PALADERO, as well as the teen superhero series VANGUARD PRIME. He lives in Melbourne with his wife, two cats, and an unreasonably large toy collection.

2 thoughts on “Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down

  1. To Sir,
    I’d just like to sat I found reading you blog (this is a blog, right?) very interesting. I actually entered a competition… or something… at inside a dog, and I just found out I won a copy of Vanguard prime. To be honest, I wasn’t really sure what it was about, so I did the usual thing, and consulted the inter-webs, so that’s how I came here. I actually just way to thank you for your posts, because they were very useful and I really enjoyed your style, even if it is just casual. I am rather excited to be posted the book now. Actually, reading over this comment, I can see how pointless it is, but I really wanted to say something all the same. It seems I am a chatterbox even in cyberspace.

    Very sincerely, and sorry for wasting your time, Maddie, 13.

    1. Hi Maddie,

      Thanks so much for getting in touch, and congratulations on winning the Inside a Dog competition! No need to apologise for wasting my time. In fact, I love it whenever someone goes to the effort to get in touch. And please feel free to call me Steven…or even Steve, as my friends do.

      I’m very happy to know that the Inside a Dog posts were useful to you. Hopefully you’ll find what I have to say here just as helpful, though I’m afraid I won’t be posting as regularly as I did at Inside a Dog.

      I’ll make sure to get your book signed and posted as soon as possible. I hope you like it! Make sure to come back and let me know what you thought of it.

      All the best,

      Steven Lochran

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