The Passage of Time (Or, The Novel Has Landed)

Biggest indicator of a lack of research? Starting a sentence with the words “According to Wikipedia”.

But! According to Wikipedia (and a bunch of psychologists and stuff) one’s perception of the passage of time is relative to one’s age. In other words, the older you get, the faster it feels like time is passing. That seems like a particularly cruel characteristic of the human mind – that you only start appreciating the time you have on Earth at the same point you realise that it’s running out.

This semi-morbid observation is a long way of saying…Vanguard Prime: Goldrush is being released tomorrow.

That piece of information again; my book, the first in a new series that I’ve been going on about for what feels like aaaaages now, is going to be available in bookshops everywhere (well, all good bookshops everywhere. Well, all good bookshops in Australia. And New Zealand.) from tomorrow, July 25.

…I may have gotten a little too detailed there.

In any case, the older I get the faster time passes, making it feel like only yesterday that the offer came through from Penguin. I’m sure it’ll be only a blink of the eyes before Book 2 is released and Book 3 after that.

Which reminds me; there’s been some confusion about the series being a trilogy. While I’m signed for three books, my hope is that the series is popular enough to warrant additional entries. So if you read it, and you like it, make sure to recommend it to everyone you can so the story can be continued.

Also, if you read it and like it, then come along to any of the events that’ll be happening over the next few weeks/months. I’ve added details about the event with Eltham Bookshop, and will be adding details about a second Sun Bookshop event momentarily (yep, that’s a second event, after the launch…which you can still RSVP to!).

So with all that said, I think it’s time to go off and celebrate. I’m gunna crack open the fancy M&Ms.


Published by Steven Lochran

Steven Lochran is the author of the upcoming Middle Grade Fantasy series PALADERO, as well as the teen superhero series VANGUARD PRIME. He lives in Melbourne with his wife, two cats, and an unreasonably large toy collection.

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