Heroes, Muses & Perfect Strangers

It took me about a week to realise that the subject header of my last blog post was a Perfect Strangers reference. I could have gone with something highbrow and literary. But no. I went with Balki and Coosin Larry. But that wasn’t the important part. The important part was that Paladero: The City of NightContinue reading “Heroes, Muses & Perfect Strangers”

Paladero Book 2 is out, and so we do the dance of joy!

It’s here! After months of waiting, it’s finally here! Captain America: Civil War is available to stream on Netflix Australia! Yaaaaay! Oh. And also. PALADERO: THE CITY OF NIGHT NEVERENDING! (Or ‘Paladero Book 2’ for all you googlers out there). This requires many gifs of celebration! Ugh. I think I have motion sickness now. SorryContinue reading “Paladero Book 2 is out, and so we do the dance of joy!”