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Writer Under Wraps: Notes from a Bookshop Window

As mentioned in my previous post, I spent National Bookshop Day writing in the window of Eltham Bookshop. This window, to be exact…

Though I was only in there for a little over an hour, I had a lot of fun and even managed to get some work done. When I wasn’t scribbling away in my notebook or sipping takeaway coffee contemplatively (I only started drinking coffee this year and I think it’s destroying me), I was talking to whomever happened to stop by.

Mostly this was bookshop customers with questions about the process of writing and publishing – something I greatly enjoy discussing at length, even after the light in the listener’s eyes has long gone out.

But I also got to speak with illustrator Celia Bridle, who was manning (personing?) the bookshop window just before me, as well as author Nicola Connelly, who was launching her debut picture book My Dad is a Bear the next day at Eltham Library.

And this is what’s great about National Bookshop Day, as well the bookshop in general. The community it fosters. The work it inspires. The encouragement it provides. My sincerest thanks to storeowner Meera and the staff at Eltham Bookshop for the opportunity.

If you didn’t get the chance to visit a bookshop on National Bookshop Day, don’t let that stop you from still heading into your local store and showing your support. In the meantime, I’ll be putting together my pitch for “Writer Under Wraps”, a writers’ festival reality event that rips off Regurgitator’s Band in a Bubble concept ten years after the fact.

I’m only half-joking.

A Couple of Words From Your Friendly Neighbourhood Author…

…and those two words are;



Okay, well…maybe not.

I just wanted to let you all know that if you’re looking to see me in the wild and possibly get a book or maybe even a baby signed, you can find me this Saturday at Eltham Bookshop from 2-3pm. I’ll be appearing as part of National Bookshop Day, with the store hosting a ‘Window on Writers’ event.

This means I’ll be seated at a desk in the window, busily writing away when not answering whatever questions the customers may have. Come and say hi!


On an entirely unrelated note, I have an addendum to a previous post. Months ago, I indulged in a bit of dream-casting for an entirely hypothetical Vanguard Prime movie, mostly just to let readers know how I pictured each of the characters. Well! Since then, a couple of choices have occurred to me that I knew I had to address.

Specifically, Lena Headey IS Major Blackthorne. Simple as that.



And, after watching both the trailer for The Guest and the 2008 adaptation of Sense & Sensibility, I should have trusted my original instincts and listed Dan Stevens as being a spot-on choice for the Knight of Wands.

With all the gun-pointing going on, you can tell that they’re both miffed with having been left off the original list. My apologies.

So with that incredibly important information now covered, I’m going to go limber up for Saturday’s event. The last thing you want is a hand cramp when you’re meant to be writing a novel in a shop window.

….Life is weird sometimes.